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Why should you use MetroCore Facility Services?
Service is our business! We offer a unique range of services to make your job easier. Everyday we
work hard to earn our customer's respect and trust. Our services allow our customers to spend
more time on their business and less time on headaches caused by their facility.
The technicians at MetroCore are the core of our service capabilities. They are a well trained and
professional group of technicians. Use our services and see the difference.
If you wish to see the MetroCore difference call to book your appointment today! We would
appreciate the opportunity to visit your company to discuss the wide range of services we offer.
We continually innovate and
improve our business processes to
maximize value for our customers
and to better our company
performance. We achieve this
through safety excellence,
empowerment of our people,
effective teamwork, development
of our partners and dedicated
customer focus.
Core Values:
 •  Employee Well-Being
 •  Enduring Relationships
 •  Integrity and Professionalism
“Our strong emphasis on quality workmanship,
professionalism, safety and continuous improvement
gives us the leading edge in ensuring the delivery of
exceptional value to our customers.”